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POPera is a musical happening that will performed live in front of audiences across the U.S. starting in 2025. POPera is the brainchild of Michael Tchong, a serial entrepreneur, trendwatcher, and adjunct professor of innovation at the University of San Francisco.* This informational page is only accessible to investors, production staff, actors and performers. If you, or someone within your network, shares Michael’s passion for this unparalleled era of music, we cordially invite you to reach out and connect with us.

* For more information about Michael please visit MichaelTchong.com.

Unleashing a Massive Nostalgia Wave

Baby Boomers are, without question, the most influential generation in the history of modern mankind. In every aspect, the 69 million members of the baby boom generation changed our worldview, from aspiration to technology to entertainment to governance to lifestyle choices.

Their retirements are set to break records this year. About 11,000 Americans will turn 65 every day, or 4.1 million in 2024 alone, joining the 44% of Boomers already at retirement age. Known as “peak 65,” the trend will hold steady through 2027.

As Boomers age, they will inevitably begin to reminisce about the “good old days.” And there’s no greater emotional connection to a particular period in one’s life than the associated hit songs. Beginning with Elvis Presley, Baby Boomers were arguably the first generation with access to a whole new genre of music that quickly grew from its crooner roots to encompass a far richer spectrum of music than ever existed before.

“Charles always understood the enduring power of music at transitional moments in our lives.”

— Charles Osgood Retrospective
CBS Sunday Morning
January 28, 2024

Why POPera?

  • A broad spectrum of classics, from pop to rock, guaranteeing something for everyone.
  • A sensory renaissance, as ecstatic as that first concert, as touching as a shared song.
  • Nostalgia woven into every chord, unlocking the vault of vibrant memories.
  • A celebration of a generation that didn’t just listen to music; they lived it.

A Generational Gap 🙄

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The phrase “OK, Boomer” reflects generational divides, often seen as dismissive. POPera seeks to bridge these divides through music’s universal appeal, showing that “old-school” classics from the Baby Boomer era resonate across generations, evident in concerts and commercials alike.

Amidst societal challenges and negative perceptions, POPera aims to uplift and remind Boomers of their impactful contributions, fostering intergenerational appreciation. Its motto, “Reuniting A Generation Through Music,” captures the essence of this mission, offering an experience that uplifts and connects participants through the timeless power of music.

POPera, The Story

POPera narrates a compelling tale of love, unrequited passion, and an abundance of affection. Set against the backdrop of a New Yorker who heeds Horace Greeley’s timeless advice to “Go West, young man,” this story unfolds in the vibrant landscape of California during the dynamic music revolution of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Inspired by ‘60s Love Ins, POPera’s Musical Happening aims to promote a spiritual renaissance that emphasizes peace, love, unity, respect and positive energy. The event recounts the life story of four Boomers set against a backdrop of some of America’s most beloved popular music, which is sure to evoke many cherished and enduring memories for the audience.

In sync with the groundbreaking music of the era, these recollections span the gamut from the elaborate world of rock to the lively rhythms of disco and even to the soul-baring R&B melodies that touch the heart. Welcome to the world of POPera — a realm that tugs at heartstrings, sets pulses racing, and beckons you to get up and dance. 😄

Crafted through story-telling contributions from its vibrant online community, POPera emerges as an interactive “infotainment experience” that will help attendees relive the ‘60s and ‘70s as if they were there.

An Unparalleled Experience

Evoking that funny meme, “If you remember the ‘60s, you weren’t there,” POPera promises an event that transcends even the most dazed and confused recollections of the era. 😂 With advanced 4K projection technology showcasing digitally restored footage, attendees will be enveloped in historic moments like a 1971 concert in Central Park. POPera combines elements of the past in a format reflective of today’s fast-paced, multifaceted lifestyle, crafting an immersive, inspirational experience designed to unite and energize the Go-Go Generation with a rich, experiential tapestry.

Unparalled Experience

Message to Sponsors

Rekindle the Rhythms of a Revolution with POPera

In the soul of every melody lies the heartbeat of an era, a rhythm that resonated through the halls of history and nestled into the narratives of those who lived it.

As Baby Boomers witnessed the dawning of a cultural renaissance, the music from their time became the hymns of progress, innovation, and boundless dreams. In this moment lies the inception of POPera, an experience that transcends mere entertainment to become a bridge across generations and a clarion call to the wonders of yesteryear.

As potential sponsors and investors, you are the custodians of this cross-generational dialog, the harbingers who can help transform a simple refrain into an anthem of reunion. POPera is not just a stage where the past performs; it’s a platform where the future listens, learns, and appreciates.

A Symphony of Stories

POPera erupts from a backdrop of societal change — a time capsule unlocked by the harmonies that defined decades. Its core message, “Reuniting A Generation Through Music,” is not merely a tagline but a truthful testament to the power of song to lift spirits and stitch the threads of communal fabric torn by misunderstanding or neglect.

We invite you to be part of an odyssey that honors the past while fueling the future’s possibilities. POPera echoes the sounds of a time when music was a revolution, songs were signatures of societal shifts, and lyrics lifted the silence to speak volumes. This is your chance to be part of a movement that not only bridges generational divides but also revives the spirit ingrained in the ballads of the Baby Boomer generation.

A Crescendo of Commitment

We seek partners who resonate with our passion, hear the call of the past, and are eager to invest in a legacy of unity. Your contribution to POPera symbolizes more than financial support; it manifests as a commitment to reviving the sparks that once ignited cultural wildfires and reawakening the sense of wonder and awe with which these tunes were first met.

Step into the glow of nostalgia, hand in hand with the innovators who never forgot the spell of a good melody and who continue to value the anthems of their achievements. Together, we celebrate the music that shaped them and the resilience and contributions of a generation that danced to the beat of change.

An Encore Awaits

Become a maestro of this musical resurgence. Your investment is a ticket to a shared journey back to an age of vinyl and vivacity — an era deserving of remembrance and respect. Through POPera, you’re not just sponsoring an event; you’re amplifying a message, a remembrance, a living tribute that reverberates with every note played and every song sung.

Join us in this lyrical legacy; let’s reconstruct the harmony, celebrate the history, and, above all, reunite a generation through the timeless language of music.

For the love of a time that was and a future that can be, let the music play.

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Michael Tchong
Founder & Chief Innovation Officer